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Experimenting with Nail Art!

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I love being festive for the Fourth! I was hoping to have time today to fit a second design in this week, but this will do for tonight! Have a happy and safe holiday if you celebrate!

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Tequila Sunrise nails! My first time experimenting with little FIMO slices, and they’re fun! They stayed on my nails much, much better than I had assumed they would.

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xwecanlivelikejackandsallyx asked: omg ur nails r so amazing & so creative! it looks like u used stickers! i love nail art, but im not as good as u & i always have a hard time coming up w/ creative designs. :/ would u ever do a tutorial?? i would love 2 c how ur able 2 do that stuff!

Thank you so much! I would love to do a tutorial, and I’m currently working on a photo tutorial for my sunset nails. Please let me know if there are any other past designs you’d like to see a tutorial for!

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Trying out ‘quilted’ nails for the first time! It is such a fun technique. I still need to practice it for better results, but it didn’t turn out half bad!

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